Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Louisiana Life

Sorry that the blog has been pretty much MIA the last two weeks! I'm getting behind! BUT the good news is that that means I'm sharing a letter we got from her this week, plus pictures from this week AND last week! We sure love our missionary!

Don't forget to keep sending those letters! Her new address for Baton Rouge can be found in her "Write Me!" tab at the top of the page. Thanks for loving and supporting Sister Barclay, wherever you are reading from!

I am standing in the same area that Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect said, "Mmm... Betta not!"
That's Mike the Tiger! He's the real deal!
Hanging out with Sister Carpenter
Sister Barclay and Sister Carpenter riding their bikes!
Free Speech Alley with Sister King! Aren't we cute?

"Hey y'all!!! It has been a pretty fantastic week... here's a few things I wanted to share!

We have a couple new people we have been meeting with, so it's been keeping us real busy! We were looking through the Baton Rouge 2nd Ward roster and came across a woman's name, and I just felt like we should go see her, so we headed to her house and it turns out she is deaf. She is very less active because no one is able to interpret for her, but she was so welcoming and luckily, Sister Carpenter could communicate because she knows how to do Sign Language! We had such an amazing time with her, even though I couldn't speak to her Sister Carpenter could. SIGN LANGUAGE IS BEAUTIFUL, and prayers in sign language even better! But we found some other deaf people in some other wards and we brought them with us to help interpret and talk with her! It went so good, we taught the restoration of the gospel and she loved it! We are so excited, and I love that sister Carpenter is so happy and excited every time we get to have a lesson with her. The spirit in those lessons just make my heart want to jump out of my chest! I love it and I am learning to sign! How cool!

So we have been working with a less active member named Lauren, she is so beautiful! I love her! Her roommate has been sitting in on the lessons with us and she has finally started to really investigate the church for herself. We introduced her to the Book of Mormon and she wanted to read the whole thing; she is so curious and wants to learn!!! We have a lesson with her tonight, so fingers crossed all went good; I'll keep y'all posted! 

People in Louisiana are hoarders!!! haha I helped a family spring clean their house! Junk, Junk, everywhere! Haha I can't even! MOM YOU WOULD OF DIED! I'm so serious, piles of stuff everywhere! We didn't even make a dent! And things that were ripped or torn, she duct taped it and wouldn't get rid of it! People are so funny 'round here! For real! 

It's so cool, here in baton rouge you could go from a real sketchy, dangerous part of town, straight to mansions and beautiful homes! The houses here are so cool! We got to teach a lesson to an active family in a mansion! Dang! It was beautiful! 

I love my YSA ward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

So we contacted this guy washing his dog, and we talked about families being together forever and he told us that family was so important to him, being a dad is so important, he said we could come back and talk to him and his wife! So we went yesterday and he told us when we met him, he was having a really rough time and didn't know where to turn to and that it was an answer to his prayers that we came to him. We ended up teaching his whole family and a few of the neighborhood kids and their cousin the restoration and they loved it; they all want to get baptized! We have 6 new investigators! Man, the gospel is REAL!!!!

Also, it's getting super hot and humid here; it's so gross! I feel like I'm drowning! 

I know that this gospel is the pathway to a greater happiness, and it brings so many blessings! I know that only through my Father in Heaven, all things are possible and that because of him we can do anything! I know Joseph Smith was a true prophet and that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet on the earth today! I know the Atonement is real, and we can start over and change through it! I love this gospel and I'm so glad I get the chance to share that!

I love all y'all and each y'all! Have a beautiful and blessed week! 
Love, Sister Barclay" 

The fraternities and sororities are so big here! They have giant houses and people deliver food and clean for them! It's like the movies!
YSA activity!
A glimpse of Baton Rouge

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  1. Hi my name is Diane Carpenter and I'm Sister Carpenter's mom. I came across Sister Barclay's blog and it's so fun to see the mission through my daughter's companion! Sister Barclay has been so wonderful for Whitney! I would love to share pictures with you if I Whitney sends me anything you don't have please feel free to contact me at diane_in_co@hotmail.com