Friday, October 16, 2015

New Address

First, let me say that Collette has moved out of that creepy place they were living in! (Yay!) So she has a new address... here it is:

Sister Collette Barclay
14086 Airline Hwy Apt. 425
Gonzales, LA 70737

Also, here is a quick update from her. She emailed me on her last p-day and it was SO good to hear from her! She and her companion need some prayers and love sent their way that they will find people searching for the gospel. This is a tough area! So get those prayers going and send those words of encouragement! She's loving life and doing well.

"Things have been so crazy lately! I'm staying another transfer in Gonzales with Sister Wood! We watched conference with started at 11am and then at 3pm! So that was different, but so good! 

I love Gonzales! It's kinda been rough with teaching and all, so keep us in your prayers that we will find people to teach! But I really love it! 

We moved! We are in a new apartment and it's soooo much nicer; we don't have to fight off cockroaches and frogs and lizards just to get inside! We have a couch and a ceiling that is all the way there!! We love it!!"

Monday, September 14, 2015

Crazy in Gonzales!

Well, it only took me a few weeks, but here is the update from Sister Barclay about her first birthday in the mission field! She's doing so great!

"Hey Y'all! 

Thank you for the birthday wishes!!! I'm 20 now, can you believe it? I can't! I'm getting old! I had a really good birthday though! Sister Wood really spoiled me... I woke up to streamers hanging around everywhere, balloons, and presents on the table; it was so cute and decorated!! Then we went to district meeting and the other sisters made me blue and orange cupcakes that were fabulous! And the elders made apple cobbler! I was so spoiled! It was also a really good meeting. I had to give the instruction... I'm still not very good at them, but I have been working really hard on really feeling the spirit and being able to let the spirit be the real teacher and I could feel the spirit so strong as I talked about companionship unity; it was easy because me and Sister Wood are long lost sisters! For real though! We get along so well, and I just love her! She is teaching me so much about this gospel and life. She is such an amazing missionary and friend! 

Not a lot of investigators lately... We are still trying to figure out this area since the past sisters didn't leave us with very much to go off of. We are really having to rely on the Lord as we figure things out, and in the meantime we are truly realizing how crazy it is here in Gonzales. We have been working a lot with the less actives and older women in the ward and they all have crazy stories and they just do crazy things. We come out of every lesson just mind blown with crazy; it's hard to explain, but lately we have been marriage counselors, just a listening ear to those women that love to talk, and my new motto is, "Get in where you fit in!" Sometimes we only get about two sentences in.. maybe! It's a good old time! 

I love this ward here though. The ward mission leader is Brother Perilloux! He is probably the best ward mission leader I've had. He really goes out of his way to help us and make sure we are being taken care of and being fed! It's super nice! Everyone has made us feel like family here. We have started calling Brother and Sister Mann mom and dad because they just take such good care of us like our own mom and dad! On Saturday I got to go to the Bishop's storehouse for the first time to help out there, and it was such a interesting experience; lots of people watching went on for sure! Those ladies get pretty sassy, and they call the shopping carts BUGGY'S it is not a cart!  haha I love the South! 

This week has been really interesting, but all week I have just been thinking how much I love this gospel and my Heavenly Father; all of God's children are so special to him and so different, but it's amazing how you just know this gospel is for everyone. The gospel truly blesses families and helps those in need! This gospel has brought me so much happiness and so many blessings. I am so excited to be out here sharing this message to others! Heavenly Father never gives up on his children; he loves us so much and wants to bless us with so much more! 

I love y'all so much! I hope you never forget that! Y'all strengthen me so much with your prayers and your letters! keep those coming! 

Love all y'all and each y'all!
Sister Barclay

Monday, September 7, 2015

Trip to the Cajun Village and Other Pics

So apparently, Sister Barclay had troubles getting her weekly email to come through... BUT the pictures went through to us! So I'll let those do all the talking this week. Besides, they are pretty cool anyway and, seriously, isn't Collette the prettiest missionary?? Good grief! Looks like that Cajun living is treating her well!

"When I was in LSU! Taylor is on the left and Gabby is on the right! Gabby is cousins with Chaise and Rickie Warr from Parowan!"

The Cajun Village

Sister Wood and Sister Barclay in the Cajun Village

"At the Cajun Village there is an alligator in the creek nearby! I saw my first real live alligator!"

The Cajun Village

The Cajun Village

"Just the usual fireworks shack!"

"Our house in Gonzales!"

"I got that giant bug in the window seal! It was nasty! Yes, that is a Clorox Wipe on the end of the stick!"

"You don't see this every day!"

Sister Barclay and Sister Wood!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

To The Middle Of Nowhere She Goes!


Sister Barclay has transferred to a new area and has a new companion! Here is what Collette had to say about it all:

Monday, August 24, 2015

"Hey! So it's been the craziest day of my life! Last night we got a call from President Hansen saying that we are going to switch a couple things around. SO HE IS TAKING ME OUT OF LSU AND I WILL BE HEADING DOWN TO GONZALES TODAY! Ahhh, crazy! He is taking both sisters out of the area and putting two new sisters in! It is a struggling little area:( So it has been a crazy p-day! I had to go visit, like, five of my investigators last night at like 7pm and pack all night! I have aquired so much stuff from LSU! It is absolutely crazy! 

ABBY GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! Coolest thing ever! ...Except that the bishop forgot about the baptism, and we couldn't get a hold of him all morning, so we had to call his counselor and make him drive a half an hour to the church! Ahh, it was horrible, but all was well. Even Abby's mom was able to come to the baptism (not a member). She was so excited that her BABY was getting baptized! 

I have really learned to love LSU! All of the people I got to see last night all told me... it's because of who I was that stuck with them through it all and brought them to the gospel. They said that their lives are changed and that the path that they are on now is because we lead them to the church! It's really amazing what the LORD can do in someone's life! 

I really worked hard in LSU and I have made some of my best friends here! I know I was in LSU for a good reason! I will be so sad to leave, but I'm ready to take on GONZALES! I love y'all! 

I'll get my address to you soon! Also, I'll be talking to you more tomorrow; we only got a little time to email today because of this craziness, so I'll get on tomorrow to say more!"

Sister Barclay, Sister Frederickson, and Jasmine (a ward member)

Phil (an investigator) and Sister Barclay
Sister Barclay with Josh, Daisy, and family
Sister Frederickson, Sister Barclay, and the newest member of the church, Abby!
All packed up for Gonzales!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Hey y'all! 

So if you haven't already heard, I am now serving over in Gonzales! It's about 25 miles away from Baton Rouge! IT IS COUNTRY LIFE! 

It all happened yesterday, and a week before transfers, too! I was an emergency transfer with some other sisters; that is why I am emailing today! It was a crazy yesterday as three areas got switched around! 

So my new companion is Sister Wood! She is so awesome! She's been out a year now; she's from west Jordan, and she's 24! We get along so well! It has been very interesting getting doubled into an area! 

The house we live in is scary; it's in the middle of no where and it's sort of falling apart! haha! There were frogs and toads blocking our door as we pulled in last night! President Hansen was kind enough to take the frog off our door for us! haha It is really pretty and green lots of trees... SO different than the cities I have been serving in! 

The previous sisters didn't leave us very much of anything to go off of, so we are just trying to figure everything out with the help of the Gonzales elders! This area is kind of struggling, so hopefully we can get things up and going again! 

It is so crazy! No one really knows our exact address, because we are in the middle of nowhere, so if you would like to send anything, send it to the mission office!

Sister Collette Barclay
12025 Justice Ave
Baton Rouge, LA 70816

I love and miss y'all so much! Things have just been so crazy lately! I can't even believe I'm almost half way! I love being here and I can't wait to get going in Gonzales! I know this church is true with my whole heart and that Heavenly Father loves us so much! I know that only through him is any of this possible, and as we trust him he will help us through!"
Sister Barclay with her new companion, Sister Wood!

The kitchen at the new place

A hole in the ceiling...

This was in the window seal... yikes!

"Because things were so gross, I picked things up with a stick! I'm a noob! Sister Wood thought it was funny, so she took a picture!"

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hot in Baton Rouge

"Hey y'all!!! How's your week been??? 

I'm hanging in here! It sure is getting hotter over here! We are hitting 100's over here with humidity! I just sweat! That's it! Haha! Other than that, it has been an okay week.... 

Life as a missionary isn't always peachy, and sometimes you just have to fake it 'til you make it, but I do know that God really looks out for his missionaries, including those that struggle, and I just feel like a hot mess struggle. all. the. time. but I have learned so much on my mission; about this gospel, first and foremost. Through everything I have seen, been through, different companions, my testimony has grown so much!  But, also, about life, and having a Christ-like centered life, because, in the end, that is all that matters! 

I know that God answers prayers even when you feel like no one is listening; he truly hears every single prayer! I know this gospel is true with my whole heart! I keep going because I know this gospel has blessed me and I pray that those blessings are reaching all of you! I love y'all so much! Thank you for supporting me and helping me be where the Lord wants me to be! 

Love all y'all and each y'all!

Sister Frederickson, an investigator (Chelsea), and Sister Barclay

"We got stuck on bikes in a rainstorm!"

Sister Barclay and Kathryn Hiersche

But first, let us take a groupie...

Sister Frederickson and Sister Barclay

Missionary dinner!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

A picture is worth a thousand words... or so says Collette, right? haha

She sent us these pictures on Monday with a few short descriptions. Looks like she's doing well! 

Keep those letters coming and send her your prayers! Thanks, everyone!

"Hatch Chili Peppers some guy was makin' at the Whole Foods Store! They were the bomb! So hot though! They are from Mexico and they are only here for a little during the season."

"Me and my companion with Abby, our investigator that should be gettin' baptized soon! She is 19 and maybe wants to be a missionary! Let's gooo!!"

"My crazy Heirsche Family! They are the best!! I love them!"
The LSU stadium
"This was outside in someone's yard while we were tracting! Thought it was pretty cool!"
"Our brand-new elder, Elder Floyd, getting his LSU pride on on p-day!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Gym'n It!

This week we got an email from Collette...


It was only this photo.
No words.

Soooo... I'll have to get more information on that and then I'll update you all!

But, gees! What a fun looking group!

I'm guessing this is her district. Check out their cool BR shirts!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Louisiana Fast!

People! We're back! Sorry it's been so long since I last posted an update from Sister Barclay... My family and I (Liz) moved to a new state and we just barely (as in, 15 minutes ago) got internet at our house! Woo! It feels good to be back online!

So I have two posts again, one from Collette to my mom back on June 15th, and the other is the most recent, from July 6th! She also, let me know that she is at the same address, so send her those letters and check for the address listed under the Write Me! tab.

June 15th (excerpts from the email to our mom):

"I don't have a lot of time today. It's been a crazy p-day!! My week has been good, just staying busy and doing my thing, ya know! That mission life!

We have been on a ton of crazy adventures and me and my companion get along so well... although she is a little hesitant to go tract or to contact people! She's a hoot! We'll work on it! It's been a stellar week!"

"We went biking the other day... I got fried! And I got so many bug bites on my legs! They are huge! I'm pretty sure this transfer is where I'm going to lose all my weight; these elders and sisters 'round me love to exercise and be all healthy! I have done more yoga and running than ever! It's good though;I feel really good! But sweating in Baton Rouge is horrible!"

"So we had a baptism! His name is Andrew Loreno! He goes to the singles ward and he's so cool!!! Ahhh, it's been a really fun week! I can already see that time is moving on by just fast! It's so nuts!"

"So... best part of my week... guess what we did as a district?!! We went to the Bethany Church to see..... PHIL ROBERTSON FROM DUCK DYNASTY speak about what God has done in his life! We heard from Allen, his son, and Mrs. Kay!! AHHHHHHHHHH how sweet is that?! So yeah, I was definitely in the presence of Phil! He's a boss!"

New companion! Sister Frederickson!

July 6th (letter to everyone):
"Hey y'all! It's been a crazy couple of weeks! Let me catch up!

Our Mission is too crazy! All the missionaries are a bunch of clowns with the biggest testimonies of this gospel I've ever seen! A little while ago we had a district meeting that brought all the tears. We talked about why we came out on missions and a lot of us said, 'for our families back home' that needed that example, some said they came out because the Lord told them to and the biggest reason was because we all love the Lord so much and this is how we can give back to our Savior! Although this is the hardest thing I've ever done, somehow it is all worth it. I have seen my testimony of this gospel grow so much, even when I don't see the blessings, miracles, or seeds grow immediately, I know that this is truly the Lord's work and we just have to trust him! It has been the funnest transfer of my mission; never a dull moment here in Baton Rouge! I love it!

Our investigators are doing well! We should be having a baptism for another young adult, her name is Abby Richmond! She is absolutely golden! She has the biggest heart and really has the desire to learn all the Lord has in store for her! She has even been talking to her mom about it and she wants to come to the baptism!!! LET'S GOO!!! 

Josh and Daisy have kinda of fallen backwards a little bit... The last time we met with them, I was feeling really brave and asked Josh to crush his pack of cigarettes; he has been telling us for 2 months he wants to quit. Let's just say, he freaked and only crushed one! But it was a start, right? But ever since then they have been missing our calls and ignoring texts and visits; it makes me really sad, I love them so much! Maybe it's just not their time, but let me tell you how much I hate agency sometimes! This is what they need and they just don't see that yet! They will come back; I know they will! I have faith that one day something will touch their hearts and they will come around. Send them your prayers! 

Being in two wards is still crazy, but it's keeping us busy! We have really tried to get members involved in our teaching and really get to know both wards! For the most part it is going really good! I love YSA! At first it was really hard getting used to teaching students my own age, but now I just love it! The PEOPLE of Louisiana have been my favorite thing about my mission! It's such a fun little world down here! 

Well this letter is getting really long, so I will end here with my testimony. I know this church is true. I know that this is the Lords work and I was definitely called to Louisiana for a reason; it now has a piece of my heart! I still hate the humidity and it's getting worse, but what can ya do? I know that Jesus Christ died for me and the Atonement is so real. He loves us so much and we are Heavenly Father's children! I know that he has a plan for all of us and if we follow it, we can always stay on our heavenly path towards home! I love all y'all and each y'all! Have and beautiful week! Talk to ya again real soon! 
Love Sister Barclay"

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Let's just go ahead and start this blog post with a big, fat I'M SORRY for being so lazy with the posting! Pretty sure, life gets crazy and Collette has been busy and I've been real busy... BUT no more excuses!

Today I'm going to post kind of a two-in-one post with an email my dad got on June 1st, and the email Collette sent for all of you to read on June 10th. Also, Sister Barclay got transferred and got a new companion, but she labeled the email "STILL AT LSU!!!" so that's good. haha Apparently, I'll need to check on the address and let you all know what the change is.

June 1st (excerpts from the email to our dad):
"Guess what's so funny? Sister Carpenter has never heard of CHUKARAMA!!! What?!! I just can't! It's my favorite!"

"I have been reading [The Book of Mormon]. It's a little hard for me to understand at times, but it's making a lot more sense as I keep going, and I really feel like my testimony is so much stronger of what's in the Book of Mormon! It's kinda like that saying that you learn something so much better when you teach it to others and that's how it is... every time we teach someone about the Book of Mormon, I learn something new and it adds to my testimony! How cool!"

"So guess what me and Sister Carpenter did last night? Ok, I'm just going to tell you because it was awesome! This new family we are teaching are super solid and they have a baptism date (!), but when we had a lesson on their porch the other day, the wife had a break down because she lost her job and her husband can't get work, and they have no money to buy food or supplies they need. It's so sad... they take care of everyone around them before they even think of themselves; they are so amazing and they love God. We told them this gospel is what they need and if they stay close to the Savior, he would bless them! So after many tears, we got done with the lesson and it turns out, the husband used to play B-ball with some elders before [Hurricane] Katrina hit... tiny seeds... 

Okay, so last night, we decided to get all the food, like cans, rice, and things we didn't like or need, and we put them in a bag and ding-dong-ditched a bunch of food on their front porch! Then I ran so fast that I jumped right in a mud puddle and got mud everywhere (!), but then I looked back and saw them bring the food inside and they were so grateful! They totally saw our car and knew it was us, but we just said, 'Man, what a blessing. God is really looking out for your family!' 

It was probably the coolest thing! The people of Louisiana are blessing my life in more ways than I am probably blessing theirs... or maybe it's equal, but man, it just shows me how important being a missionary and a servant to the Lord is!"

Sister Barclay and Sister Carpenter with two of the cute kids in the family they've been working with for a month. Collette said, "They are my mission family! They told us to come back after our missions so we can BBQ every night! I think, yes!"

Back on the bike and, apparently, this is how she feels! haha

June 10th (letter to everyone!):
"Hey y'all! Sorry I didn't email yesterday! It was kind of a crazy day with transfers and all! It was the funnest p-day of my life! It rained so hard that we were suppose to be in lock-down, but our elders got stuck at the library and needed to come to the church, so me and Sister Chandler (the North sister) went on exchanges so she wouldn't get lost trying to find the LSU library! haha so we definitely rescued the elders, and then we definitely played in the rain for a good minute! We jumped in puddles that were more like little swimming pools! haha We were soaked! It was a PARTY!

Sister Chandler and Sister Barclay on exchanges!

Well, anyways, transfers was today and I have a BEAUTIFUL new companion! Her name is Elen Frederickson! She is so fun and I'm so excited to serve with her! This is going to be a great transfer; I'm already so happy! Pictures will be coming soon...don't worry!! Well, I love all y'all and each y'all! Keep those letters coming!!

Love Always,
Sister Barclay"

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Craw Fish Poll RESULTS

A few short weeks ago, I posted a poll about craw fish.

The poll asked the question: "Would you eat a craw fish boil?" and then it gave options including, basically, a yes, a no, a maybe, and an already have.

I feel as though I've given an appropriate amount of time for answers to trickle in sooooo, here are the results... Drum roll, please?


Would you eat a craw fish boil?

a. Yes! It looks tasty! --------------------------- 38%
b. No way! Gross... ----------------------------- 25%
c. Maybe? -------------------------------------- 18.5%
d. I have before, and I loved it! ------------------ 18.5%

So there you have it! It looks like, despite how the craw fish looks, most of you would say 'yes' to a craw fish boil!

...I guess you all know who to contact next June for a craw-fish-eating-get-together! haha *hint: It's Collette.*

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Last Sunday, Mother's Day, we were able to get together to talk with Sister Barclay via Skype Video Calling! Technology these days is really amazing. Not all of us could be in Cedar for the call, so we hooked it up so we could video call our other sister, Becca, and her little family on another phone so she could see and hear Collette just like the rest of us! We were even able to take a screen-shot-mother-daughters picture while holding up Becca on the other phone haha AND Collette got to meet her newest nephew, Lucas, who was born in February. 

It was wonderful to see and hear Sister Barclay as she told us about her missionary life. We also got to talk to Sister Carpenter for a moment and she really is as sweet as Collette makes her sound! What a fun pair they are. 

We touched base with her on the people she has been telling us about teaching and we got to hear her beautiful testimony of the gospel. She definitely spreads her love for the gospel through that infectious smile of hers! She had us all laughing and smiling... especially when they told us about the elders finding a turtle and taking it to the sisters' apartment! Cole told us that the turtle wandered around for a good few days and they absolutely loved it! haha 

Now, as if you didn't already know how inspiring that girl is, I've shared below, her letter to us from this week. I've highlighted a few things I thought were uplifting, but really, I think there are many things she said in this letter, that we could all benefit from. She is amazing! 

"Hey y'all! How is everyone?? 
This week has been so crazy; let me tell ya all about it! 

Monday (5/11): Normally on P-days Sister Carpenter makes me sweat, so this P-day I made her a deal that if she makes me sweat, I was going to make her shop! It was so fun; we took all of P-day to ourselves! We went to Plato's Closet and Ross! We had lunch and unlimited ice cream! It was so fun! And, secretly, I think she loved it! She got so many cute new clothes! We just have too much fun! 

Then we went to the Harris'... they are so cool; they have traveled all over! Then she sent my mom a picture of us, because she loved when members did that for her missionaries! We also had FHE with Josh and Daisy and Family! It went really well! We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and through our faith, we Repent and become like our savior. It was kind of crazy because everyone seemed a little distracted, but overall it went really well and they are progressing so good! They are the best! We love them so much!!!

Tuesday (5/12): We met with Lauren, who is a less active member who is really struggling. She lost her job and is now moving back to California with no money and no plans really... it is so hard to see this. We wish we could just keep her here to keep teaching her, but she is going through a lot and needs to figure out what she wants. She has just been giving us the answers she thinks we want to hear, she has given up on everything, and is just lost. I've seen so much of that here! But when we finally got to the lesson we talked about how Heavenly father has a plan for her, and that it is never a too late to come back, to repent, and to come unto the Savior. We told her that Heavenly Father is very aware of everything we do in our lives. He will never leave us! Even when you feel like He has, He is always right there waiting for you to turn to him. The Lord will make us bend, but he will never let us break. Life is not always going to be easy, but only through the atonement can we get through hard things. The atonement is for our sad face days! We need to remember that Jesus Christ loves us and doesn't expect us to be perfect, but he wants us to try our best and turn to him. 

Wednesday (5/13): Such a crazy day! Lesson learned: if you have a full day planned and one of your lessons goes over 10 minutes, you are late to everything that follows! Needless to say, I did a lot of running that day. LITERALLY! We cleaned a hoarder's house! It was pretty horrible; piles all the way to the ceiling and cat hair balls everywhere... dirty clothes and papers EVERYWHERE!! 

We also had a lesson in a tree, with Haley, a Free Speech Alley contact. She's so cool! She works at the observatory and she took us to the park nearby to have a lesson in a tree that grew over a creek!  

Then we ran back to campus for Andrew! He's also a Free Speech Alley contact, who is super cool and progressing extremely well! We introduced the Book of Mormon very quickly and he committed to read it! 

Then the best part of my day... we got to go to the temple for Ginger Jensen [interruption from Liz: We know Ginger from Cedar City (Collette's home town) and now she is living in Baton Rouge! How cool that Collette was able to experience that with her!] She is so beautiful! That was my first time in the Baton Rouge Temple and let me tell you, it was so beautiful; very small, but I could feel the spirit so strong. I could feel Heavenly Father and I just felt so peaceful and could feel that I was suppose to be there! It is such an amazing feeling as we do work for others:)

Thursday (5/14): Exchanges! I was with Sister Ochs (you say it like 'Oaks', it's German or something)! It was so fun; I got to take over LSU for a day and a half! Let me tell you, it was hard, but everyone thinks I'm going to be a trainer soon, so I needed to stay! I'd be a pretty crazy trainer; that poor missionary! haha Jk 

We had coordination with the other missionaries in our ward, Elder Lehr and Elder Richardson, and the ward mission leader, Brother Tucker, at his new business Area 51, the trampoline place! 

Then we made our way back to campus to meet Allison, Lauren's roommate. With her we talked about the Atonement. Sister Ochs drew her a picture and talked about how because Jesus Christ atoned for our sins, we can cross the bridge and not fall into sin or death. Christ made the atonement possible. She really loved it; the spirit was so strong!

Friday (5/15): Still on exchanges, we went and saw Phil; he's my favorite! He took us to lunch and we talked about his perception of God and how he loves him so much and he'll always answer prayers! We are really making progress with Phil! 

We also met with Chelsea. We got to know her and she told us all about her wedding plans, that aren't going to happen for another 2 years because until she finishes school, she's not getting married. That's a really long time, but shes really excited! 

I held another turtle we found at the Institute building it was a lot bigger than the last one! I'm in Turtle Heaven over here!

Saturday (5/16)We went to a roller derby for Andrew! It was quite the experience! But it was really fun! Right before we went there, we went to Pastimes to check up on Daisy. Little did we know, it was a restaurant, and she worked in the bar part. We had calzones and po-boys... and prayed in a bar! It was so weird! But Daisy was doing really good!!

Sunday (5/17): We had three Investigators at Church! It was such a crazy day, but one of the best Sunday meetings so far on my mission! It really helped me see how important missionary work is and that giving people a chance to learn and grow in the gospel with the help of the Savior can change lives! 

Being a missionary is probably the hardest thing I have ever done in my life and sometimes I really struggle being here. Every day comes with challenges and some days you just don't want to get up at 6:30am to get ready and hit the books, and sometimes you feel like you are not being successful or doing any good, and you lose your way, and you just feel Satan is throwing everything your way, but I have learned so much and my testimony of the Gospel is never shaking! I have learned that no matter how many times you fall, Heavenly Father is always right there picking you up and loving you perfectly, even when you are feeling like the smallest person on this whole earth. 

Heavenly Father called me, SISTER BARCLAY, to be me; to come with my weaknesses and strengths and help others find their way! I love my Savior; I know he lives and hears my prayers. I know this church is true and that families can be together forever. I know that because of the Atonement, we can cross those bridges and get back to our Heavenly Father, so don't give up when life gets hard! Pray and COME UNTO THE SAVIOR and trust in him! 

I love all y'all! Thank you for the LOVE and support you have given me!!! Sorry this was so long!