Monday, September 7, 2015

Trip to the Cajun Village and Other Pics

So apparently, Sister Barclay had troubles getting her weekly email to come through... BUT the pictures went through to us! So I'll let those do all the talking this week. Besides, they are pretty cool anyway and, seriously, isn't Collette the prettiest missionary?? Good grief! Looks like that Cajun living is treating her well!

"When I was in LSU! Taylor is on the left and Gabby is on the right! Gabby is cousins with Chaise and Rickie Warr from Parowan!"

The Cajun Village

Sister Wood and Sister Barclay in the Cajun Village

"At the Cajun Village there is an alligator in the creek nearby! I saw my first real live alligator!"

The Cajun Village

The Cajun Village

"Just the usual fireworks shack!"

"Our house in Gonzales!"

"I got that giant bug in the window seal! It was nasty! Yes, that is a Clorox Wipe on the end of the stick!"

"You don't see this every day!"

Sister Barclay and Sister Wood!

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