Monday, February 9, 2015

Excited To Be Back To Work

"Hey y'all!!

Man this has been just a crazy week as always! I got a new companion! Her name is Sister Widdison and she is absolutely wonderful! She is from Utah! Wahoo! She is so cool and she has such an amazing testimony of the gospel! I am really learning a lot from her! She just came from Denham Springs from a car area so she is having to adjust to the whole biking situation! I don't think she is liking it too well! We have been trying to figure out how to just get around our area! It's so big and it's quite the challenge on bikes, let me tell you! 

Sister Barclay with her cute new companion
We had a couple of appointments and only through prayer did we find those houses! The lessons went really well! We have this investigator that has been taking lessons from the temple square sisters over the phone and they just turned her over to us, and if she is ready, she already has a baptism date set for the 21st of this month!! Wahoooooo! We are super excited! We just hope she is in it for all the right reasons... she heard the church helps with welfare stuff... and she's got some financial problems... it's pretty interesting, but she came to church yesterday and loved it, so we'll keep praying that everything goes good!

We are also going to start teaching Pam and Willie (the cute newly wed couple from the last post) from the beginning! I'm so excited! We went and saw her the other day and she kept hugging me and told me I could never leave! It made me feel so good! I really felt like I was sent to Pam for a reason! She loves me! It is so wonderful! I'm so excited to be her missionary!! She is wonderful!

Sister Barclay! Isn't she beautiful??
I am excited to be getting back to work! I have been trying to strengthen my testimony and over these past couple of days, I have really come to know that Joseph Smith really was called of God and I am so amazed  with how much faith in our Heavenly Father he had to restore this gospel! I know that he is a prophet called of God and that through everything he had so much trust in God that what he was doing was true. He is so amazing!

I know that the atonement is real and Heavenly Father wants us to use it and come unto him. I know that through repentance we can be clean of all our scars and mistakes; he loves us so much! I know that through him we can get through anything! I love being on a mission!

Well, I love all y'all and each y'all! Hope y'all have a fantastic week!!

Love always,

Sister Barclay"

Sister Davis and Sister Barclay hanging out with the Spanish Sisters before Sister Davis headed home

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