Monday, February 2, 2015

Experiences to Keep

So in last week's post, I had mentioned from Sister Barclay that they had taken Sister Davis (her companion) to the ER for abdominal pain and dehydration. Well, I got a little update on that today:

"Sister Davis is actually going home on Tuesday :( So I will be getting a new companion this coming Wednesday! Sister Davis is going to get surgery and go through all the doctors appointments again to find out what is going on :( I'm so sad!! But she told me she'd send me video diaries and updates on what's going on! Pretty intense!"

Everyone please keep Sister Davis in your prayers! She and Collette have become really good friends and she will be missed!

Sister Barclay and Sister Davis with their district
In addition to that news, Sister Barclay also sent some pictures and told us of meeting with an apostle:

"Did you hear that I got to shake hands with Quentin L. Cook!!! He spoke to all the missionaries on Saturday in Baton Rouge! It was the coolest experience of my life! His testimony was so powerful and you could just feel the spirit so hard!

That is my favorite part about being a missionary. These experiences will stay with me my whole life! How many times do you get to shake an apostle's hand?! Shoot!"

Lauffenere Park
Lauffenere Park
Lauffenere Park
And now for a couple of missionary stories and experiences from her last letter to my little family:

1. The New Investigators

"So we did get new investigators, which pretty much rocks! They are a cute couple that just got married on the first of January. Apparently they were meeting with the missionaries before Katrina hit and then lost contact after, but it's a long story and it's so cute. They just LOVE JESUS!! She kinda reminds me of Grandma Odie on Princess and the Frog haha it's awesome!

People's accents and stories are amazing! People have their crazy moments but we just gotta love them like Jesus and Heavenly Father does! I know this gospel is true even when people don't want to listen to us. I know that Heavenly Father is there for us and is helping us every step of the way!"

2. Visiting with Members

"We have this less-active member we go see and one Monday we went over, some members were there as well. When the less-active saw us she literally said, in one sentence, 'Y'all are welcome in my home anytime, but I don't want you to come over anymore...' haha She was so drunk! 

And Brother Bush (one of the members that was there) said, 'Wait, I'm confused.'

And she looked him straight in the face and said, 'Well, stand up, Brotha Bush, so you're not confused!'

We were all dying! You should've seen Brother Bush's face as he slowly stood up to be 'unconfused'! Me and my companion have laughed about it since! 'Well, stand up, Brotha Bush, so you're not confused!' I can't wait to say it in person to you! You'll die!! 

Missions are always fun when you find the positive!

3. New Years Hashtag

"On New Years we were in at 8:00pm and we were too tired to party :( We played cards and went to sleep. #MissionLife

And Sister Davis says 'Hey!'"

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