Sunday, June 14, 2015


Let's just go ahead and start this blog post with a big, fat I'M SORRY for being so lazy with the posting! Pretty sure, life gets crazy and Collette has been busy and I've been real busy... BUT no more excuses!

Today I'm going to post kind of a two-in-one post with an email my dad got on June 1st, and the email Collette sent for all of you to read on June 10th. Also, Sister Barclay got transferred and got a new companion, but she labeled the email "STILL AT LSU!!!" so that's good. haha Apparently, I'll need to check on the address and let you all know what the change is.

June 1st (excerpts from the email to our dad):
"Guess what's so funny? Sister Carpenter has never heard of CHUKARAMA!!! What?!! I just can't! It's my favorite!"

"I have been reading [The Book of Mormon]. It's a little hard for me to understand at times, but it's making a lot more sense as I keep going, and I really feel like my testimony is so much stronger of what's in the Book of Mormon! It's kinda like that saying that you learn something so much better when you teach it to others and that's how it is... every time we teach someone about the Book of Mormon, I learn something new and it adds to my testimony! How cool!"

"So guess what me and Sister Carpenter did last night? Ok, I'm just going to tell you because it was awesome! This new family we are teaching are super solid and they have a baptism date (!), but when we had a lesson on their porch the other day, the wife had a break down because she lost her job and her husband can't get work, and they have no money to buy food or supplies they need. It's so sad... they take care of everyone around them before they even think of themselves; they are so amazing and they love God. We told them this gospel is what they need and if they stay close to the Savior, he would bless them! So after many tears, we got done with the lesson and it turns out, the husband used to play B-ball with some elders before [Hurricane] Katrina hit... tiny seeds... 

Okay, so last night, we decided to get all the food, like cans, rice, and things we didn't like or need, and we put them in a bag and ding-dong-ditched a bunch of food on their front porch! Then I ran so fast that I jumped right in a mud puddle and got mud everywhere (!), but then I looked back and saw them bring the food inside and they were so grateful! They totally saw our car and knew it was us, but we just said, 'Man, what a blessing. God is really looking out for your family!' 

It was probably the coolest thing! The people of Louisiana are blessing my life in more ways than I am probably blessing theirs... or maybe it's equal, but man, it just shows me how important being a missionary and a servant to the Lord is!"

Sister Barclay and Sister Carpenter with two of the cute kids in the family they've been working with for a month. Collette said, "They are my mission family! They told us to come back after our missions so we can BBQ every night! I think, yes!"

Back on the bike and, apparently, this is how she feels! haha

June 10th (letter to everyone!):
"Hey y'all! Sorry I didn't email yesterday! It was kind of a crazy day with transfers and all! It was the funnest p-day of my life! It rained so hard that we were suppose to be in lock-down, but our elders got stuck at the library and needed to come to the church, so me and Sister Chandler (the North sister) went on exchanges so she wouldn't get lost trying to find the LSU library! haha so we definitely rescued the elders, and then we definitely played in the rain for a good minute! We jumped in puddles that were more like little swimming pools! haha We were soaked! It was a PARTY!

Sister Chandler and Sister Barclay on exchanges!

Well, anyways, transfers was today and I have a BEAUTIFUL new companion! Her name is Elen Frederickson! She is so fun and I'm so excited to serve with her! This is going to be a great transfer; I'm already so happy! Pictures will be coming soon...don't worry!! Well, I love all y'all and each y'all! Keep those letters coming!!

Love Always,
Sister Barclay"

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