Monday, March 7, 2016

Frog Legs

"Hey Y'all!!!! 

This week was sooo good! So many things! First, we moved apartments!!! Woooooo:) We switched apartments with the Denham Spanish Elders into a bigger apartment for all four of us, sisters! I can finally breath again! We moved all of us in in about two days, and let's just say, the ward was not too happy with us to hear we didn't even ask for help! hahaha They told us we were being selfish and hogging all the blessings they could have received! haha It was funny! So dramatic! I guess we just get so used to moving everyone else, so it was a piece of cake for us to just do it! It took about 6 trips back and forth and the other sisters van (yes, they have a mini van) to get us all moved! LET'S GO!!!  

We had dinner with the Sutton's this week, and guess what I had....... FROG LEGS! They were sooo good. Y'all better start catching them and getting them fried up! They good! Brother Sutton was so southern; he goes hunting like everyday of his life! He has a room dedicated to all the things he's got! It was really cool, although I don't think his wife is too much of a fan of that room. She told us no matter where she is she feels they are always staring at her! hahahah We were dying laughing! He also has a pet parrot, in this tiny room he built, haha he is kinda crazy. The bird is in this room with a TV set up so she can watch TV. hahaha Country bumkin for sure! Gotta love the south! 

Yesterday was a really good Sunday! Probably the best one since we split up the wards! Started out at ward council (with the stake presidency) where they talked about remembering to keep the Sabbath Day holy, how important it is, and how we, as a ward council, can be doing our part to help others do so! It was ward conference! We got a new bishop as well! The same topic went into the conference. It was just really good and it gave me a really good reminder about keeping the Sabbath Day holy! I know that it is truly the Lord's Day and we shouldn't take it for granted. We need to remember the Savior and give that day to him! It was really powerful! 

 Jessica our LA is doing really good. The ward is really helping them out a lot, and her husband, John, is also doing really good, being fellowshipped, and seems more interested to learn more... so yeah, we're really excited about them! 

Oh, another highlight of the week, I got to see Sister Widdison (my comp in Metairie)!!! That was sooo good! She was headed back to McComb, Mississippi! 

It was a better week! We are just here. hahaha we are doing the best we can! We are crazy! The south makes us crazy!"

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