Monday, January 25, 2016

Honey Boo Child

"We celebrated Zach's half birthday with fun-fetti cupcakes!"

"We celebrated Zach's half birthday with fun-fetti cupcakes!"

"We went to give a Bible to this referral when Louisiana decides to dump some crazy rain down! We were soaked and on lock-down for the rest of the night!"
"This is Gabe! He's a little too happy!"

Sister K and Sister Barclay

"We had a really busy and FUN week, as you can see! We celebrated birthday's, we were on tornado watch, we endured the 40 degree Louisiana winter weather (now I'm coughing...gotta love a wet cold!), and I spoke in both 1st and 2nd Denham Wards. Luckily, I was able to just give the same talk! 

We played volleyball with some ladies in the ward... that's always a good time! They told me that since I'm the youngest one I need to dive for the ball. Ummm.... nah, better not! They are always changing the rules!! 

Also, Sprite and cookies from McDonald's is the best treat ever! 

Anywho, it was a really good week! I am really loving it here in Denham, "In the L.P., Honey Boo Child", it's never a dull moment! I love these people so much!! I am so grateful that I get to be a missionary here in this area; I know this is where I need to be!! I love y'all so much! Hope your week was just as crazy good!!"


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