Tuesday, January 27, 2015

For the Birds

Today I got a short response to an email I sent Collette, plus a super cool picture and a promise that I should be getting a letter in the mail this week!

Here's a bit about what she said:

"I went to Lauffenere Park today for P-day; look at all those birds!!! It's so cool, huh? I felt like birds were going to attack me! haha One of the geese bit Elder Neild's finger!

...Oh, did you hear we were in the ER on Thursday?! It was crazy! Sister Davis was having really bad abdominal pain and they thought that it was her appendix, but she was really dehydrated and they put her on an IV... then did a CT scan, so we have another doctor appointment on Thursday to see what's up! It's way crazy! So we've been taking it easy this week, but yeah... I think I've watched all the Mormon Messages, watched all the church movies I can, and played all the cards I could! haha So hopefully she gets better soon!

...I love y'all!"

So basically, between Sister Barclay being sick last time we heard from her and Sister Davis being sick this time, they could REALLY use your prayers that those bugs leave them soon so they can get back to their callings!

Send prayers and love their way. Oh! And maybe a letter or two! ---> *Address is in the Write Me! section*

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