Monday, January 12, 2015

Down on the Mississippi

Today I had my email open at the exact right time that Sister Barclay was on! That meant that I got to chat with her by emailing back and forth.

I realize that a missionary's computer time is short so we only emailed for a minute; just long enough for her to tell me a few things.

1. She got my letter and is working on writing me back! Apparently she has loads to tell me, so I'll be sure to post some stories when I get that.

2. She misses everyone.

3. She asked if we got the picture of her doing the woman's hair and YES we did! You all saw it right here... so her response to what they were doing? They were doing "two twists or something like that". Collette said, "She told us that now we'd be friends for life because we did her hair! haha She cray cray!"

Also, today, my mom and dad got some pictures! She said that they were able to go downtown last Monday and had lots of fun. They saw the Mississippi River and everything was "so cool!" She told us she'd have to take us to downtown one day!

Selfie on the Mississippi River
Mississippi River
Mississippi River
Hanging with Elder Crouch and Elder Johnson

Sister Barclay is doing so great but could definitely use your letters! PLEASE keep writing to her and praying for her and her companion; they really do feel your prayers!

Address is posted in the Write Me section at the top of the page. Thanks, everyone!

In Sister Barclay's words, "We love all y'all and each y'all!"

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