Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Well folks, we didn't get an email from Collette to share on Monday, but my dad did! So I'm going to share just a few excerpts from her letter to him AND some pictures!

The first thing my dad sent me was a forwarded message from a brother in Sister Barclay's ward. He wrote:

"We had your sister missionary over for dinner tonight. She's a gem! She says she loves you."

And in Sister Barclay's letter to my dad, she asked if he got the picture from that brother. She said:

"Did you get that picture of me and Sister Davis and those two little girls from Brother Gerber?? He's so cool. He told us to tell our families that he is taking good care of us! He fed us dinner last night and we told him that his cooking was so good and he said, 'I don't keep this vivacious figure by eating plants!' So he makes meat and good stuff! haha He's awesome!" 

Another thing she shared in the letter was about going on exchanges. She wrote:

"We went on exchanges and I got to be with a Spanish sister. Talk about not understanding anyone?? The lessons were all in Spanish and I just sat there smiling like a noob! Haha and I went to a Honduran restaurant and I couldn't even read the menu! It was all in Spanish... awka awkward!! I LOVE ENGLISH!!! It was really fun though. 

Sister Black is awesome! She has such an amazing testimony and makes me want to be a better missionary! I loved it! We also found a sign that said 'Utah Street' so we had to take a pic because we are both from Utah, so I'm going to send it to you!"

Of New Years in Louisiana, she said this:

"In New Orleans, New Years is crazy! The whole sky is lit up and it only gets worse as the night goes on! People light fireworks and party all night long. It sounded like bombs going off all night long!! It was nuts!"

So from Sister Barclay and Sister Davis... Happy New Year!!

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