Monday, December 15, 2014

Missionary Work Changes Lives

I thought that this was perfect and just had to share. Sister Barclay is definitely receiving that wonderful training in the mission field right now. We're so proud of her everyday!

In sacrament meeting yesterday, all the talks were about missionary work. Two mothers shared information on how their sons were doing on their missions and then a boy who received his mission call to the Philippines spoke. All the talks were wonderful and reminded me of our missionary, Collette, but the thing that stood out to me in two of the talks was how deep the work these missionaries are doing actually goes.

One of the mothers shared that she was so proud of her boy and his enthusiasm in sharing the message of the gospel to the people of Brazil, where he is serving. She said that she, herself, is a convert to the church  because of missionaries knocking on her door many years ago. She then told of the immense blessing it has been in her life and how thankful she is to those missionaries. How could they have known then how many lives they would effect down the road?

The boy then shared this thought with us: "You can count how many seeds are in one apple, but you can't count how many apples are going to come from that one seed. When you do missionary work, you can plant the seed, but you don't know how many apples are going to come from that. Missionary work doesn't effect just one person but generations to come."

How true is that?? I'm thankful for my sister's willingness to serve those people in Louisiana. I know that she will touch so many lives with her testimony... even generations to come. At home AND  in Louisiana. 

P.S. We got no email today to share, but we can tell you that she's still loving the MTC and her sweet companion. She will be leaving the MTC for Louisiana TOMORROW! And she's SO excited.

I'll be sure to post her new address soon so you can send her a Christmas card or words of encouragement!

AND for all those "wonderers" out there, Sister Barclay DID end up seeing Elder Kurtis Cox in the MTC... Look at those smiling faces!

*Picture courtesy of Kurtis' family's Facebook! Thanks for sharing, guys!*


  1. hey, sister Barclay emailed my parents. i can't believe she's going out tomorrow :) it's so exciting!!!!! your sisters so cute, your awesome for doing such a cute blog for her. also the pictures of you and aurora this morning were ssssoooo CUTE!!!!

    1. Thank you! We also got to hear from Kurtis cause he emailed my parents! So fun! I love that kid! And fun to be friends with his sister :)