Monday, December 29, 2014

The Gospel is for Everyone

I was so excited to get an email from our Sister Barclay. Mondays are the best to look forward to.

So without further ado... Enjoy!

"How was everyone's Christmas?! 

Being on a mission during Christmas is absolutely wonderful, let me tell you!!! I get to help people keep and remember to keep Christ in Christmas all year round! What a wonderful opportunity! It has also helped me focus and understand more about what our Savior did for all of us and how much he loves us.

We have taught so many people about Christ and what he has blessed us with, and let me tell you, Louisiana people are so interesting. They love to tell us stories about what God has done for them in their lives and once you get them talking, man, you just have to pick the right moment to jump in! People are very set in their ways here and so many of them are very religious, but it is so amazing to see the miracles that this gospel brings. It's awesome! I have really had to come out of my comfort zone a lot because people are really blunt and up front and they look at you real weird if you don't just talk to them! Which is a good thing! 

I love this gospel so much and I love being surrounded by it and the blessings everyday! I feel so close to the Lord!

Today at the library, I had a man come up to me and talk to me about the Mormons and what I was doing. I told him I was a missionary from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and he said, "I know y'all. I took discussion after discussion and you know, it's not really for me, but I respect y'all a real lot. Keep up the good work!"

It made me think, 'Why? Why isn't it for you?' It's for everyone! This gospel can bless your life in more ways than we can even count! It truly is amazing! I know that if you center your life around the gospel, it can bring you happiness and peace! I know that Heavenly Father wants us to be happy and come unto him.

I love all y'all and each y'all!

Love, Sister Barclay"

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